February 14 - 18, 2018
Hilton Orange County
Costa Mesa, CA
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Hi Everyone!

Well, California Open DanceSport will be here before you know it and as usual, I'm getting excited all over again! I know that there are many events to choose from these days, so I'm flattered that you are considering the California Open DanceSport to be included on your 2018 competition calendar.

Sunny, warm California is the place to be in February!  I hope you'll join me in the warmth of the sun, here at our new venue, the Hilton Orange County on February 14 - 18, 2018. Please take a moment and browse through our new website. You can see the schedule of events, download and print entry forms, or see our new venue and book your room. You can also check us out on Facebook where we share updates, photos and exciting news.

Don't forget that it's President's Day weekend and many of you have Monday off.  The ultimate shopping mall is just a mere  quarter of a mile from our hotel.  South Coast Plaza is a shopping delight...For the art and beach lovers, Laguna Beach....For family, Disneyland!!!  Southern California has it all, so stay an extra day and make it a great winter get away.

...the Glamour, the Passion, the Energy, the Fun ...it's all here!

organizer.jpgBye for now!

Debbie Avalos Kusumi
Your hostess and organizer
...it's all here!